Our services

Personalized solutions, transparency, availability.

Priban offers the Client discretionary wealth management.

It also applies a conservative policy, investments being mainly limited to first-rate and large capitalization securities (equities and bond markets).


At the beginning of their relationship, Priban establishes with the Client a detailed Risk Profile which makes it possible to determine the personal and financial situation of the Client, as well as their investment objectives, their ability and tendency (disposition) to take risks as well as their financial knowledge.  Based on the Risk Profile, Priban establishes with the Client a personalized Investment Strategy, which meets the Client’s needs and expectations both in terms of return and in terms of risk.

The Priban team systematically monitors each portfolio under management and ensures that its composition is in line with the established Risk Profile and the agreed Investment Strategy.

As needed, Priban SA can undertake jointly with the Client, all the necessary steps for the opening of accounts and deposits with local banks, provided that they meet the quality criteria of the company. Priban SA will strive to achieve the best operating conditions for its Client’s accounts from the depositary institutions.

Working languages ​​of the Priban team: French, German, English, Spanish, Italian and Greek.