Our Philosophy

proximity, understanding of the goals and needs of our clients.

With a rich, international history, an outstanding welcome, a remarkable open-mindedness and a unique geographical location, Geneva has been able to create a true science of banking, with a particular focus on private wealth management, which has brought the city to the forefront of global financial markets.

Over time, however, customer needs have risen to a more personalized and privileged relationship, adapted to the wealth of each customer, no longer satisfied with global and standardized service.

Determined to offer a service of quality, the managers of Priban SA, endowed with a long experience in the field of wealth management and enjoying an excellent reputation both locally and internationally, decided to provide quality management geared towards medium and long-term growth to a selection of clients; and also to ensure the security of long term and stable contacts at their disposal in contrast to that of an anonymous team as is common nowadays.

Offering personalized solutions, maintaining a real and privileged relationship with its customers and acting with complete independence and objectivity have been the core values ​​of the Priban team since its beginnings.