François JATON

Studied at College Calvin and the University of Geneva, graduating in law. He completed training courses in Germany and Great Britain. He began his career at UBS Geneva as a probationer. He worked on the Stock Exchange, became the head of the General Secretariat of the Bank. He was transferred to Asset Management first as a group manager and then in charge of the department for private banking. He is a member of several charity and scientific research Foundations.


On finishing his studies, he undertook a probationary period in the USA. He returned to enter UBS Geneva in 1966. He became successively responsible of the Stock-Exchange back-office, head of the Securities Department and then of the Stock Exchange. In 1987, he was appointed as head of the Finance Department with the title of Director. In 1991, he joined the private bank Cantrade-Ormond Burrus as President of the Management committee. After the merger, he left Ferrier-Lullin and Cie SA in October 1999 to join Priban SA.

Henriette DOSWALD

Graduated at Fribourg and completed her studies in Great Britain and Italy. On her return to Switzerland, was in charge of the Secretariat of the Fribourg Counsellor of State in charge of the Home Office. In 1973, she started her career at UBS, Geneva, first of all in Human Resources and then in Asset Management. She became assistant to the head of the department for private customers and subsequently of the entire department. In 1990 she became responsible for VIP clients. She left UBS in the summer of 1999 with the position of Associate Director.


Completed her studies both in Switzerland and abroad. She holds a Maturité Fédérale and IBS Certificate, NY commercial banker. She worked for Crédit Suisse in Zurich, Hong-Kong, New York and Geneva, in the area of Loans and Asset Management. In 1997 she started a 10 year collaboration with a Geneva financial management company, where she was in charge of handling important client files. In the spring of 2006 she joined Priban SA as deputy manager.


Educated in Switzerland and trained as a banker at Credit Suisse before leaving for the UK. Back to Switzerland, he joins BCGe in 1984 where he is promoted as Branch Head. In 2004, he sets up the Geneva Branch of a foreign banking institution. Three years later, joins UBS to reorganize an important team before being in charge of a portfolio of independent asset managers. Since 1st April 2013, has been integrated in the team of portfolio managers of Priban SA.