With its rich international history, well-known hospitality, remarkable open-mindedness and unique geographical position, Geneva has succeeded in making a real science of the banking area, especially in the realm of private asset management where it has risen to top-ranking status among the world’s financial centres. It owes this position essentially to its personalised advisory services and to the high performance of the investments.

In the course of time, however, the clientele have become more demanding, and, in a legitimate quest for privileged treatment adapted to individual wishes, personal circumstances and fortune, are no longer satisfied with a generalised and standardised service. The role henceforth of an asset manager must also embrace assistance with taxation and advice relating to testamentary succession or even company formation.

In order to offer a service of this quality, a group of highly experienced portfolio managers with well-established reputations both at local and international level have decided to offer to selected clients not only high quality management directed towards medium and long term growth but also a guaranteed availability of stable contact persons rather than an anonymous team.

Most of these managers enjoy more than 30 years experience in asset management.

PRIBAN SA is a company formed under Swiss law with its registered office in Geneva. Its object is general financial counselling and investment management.

At the beginning of all its business relations, PRIBAN SA establishes a detailed and personalised investment profile with the clients. As a matter of principle, PRIBAN SA pursues a careful investment policy restricted to first class and highly capitalised securities in the share and bond markets. Unless at the express wish of the client to the contrary, PRIBAN SA abstains from dealings in the derivatives area.

PRIBAN SA acts purely as an investment manager; it has no right of disposal nor does it exercise the function of depositor. If requested by a client, however, PRIBAN SA can call upon its unique connections to provide selective legal or fiscal assistance.

PRIBAN SA is able to manage any dossier efficiently, provided that the dossier is deposited with a first class banking establishment.

If so required, PRIBAN SA may undertake, in conjunction with its clients, all procedures for opening accounts and deposits with the banks from the centre, as long as these establishments conform to the quality criteria of the company.

PRIBAN SA is a company independent of any banking connection; a privilege which serves to guarantee the total objectivity of its investments and an absence of all conflicting interests.

The remuneration for the services of PRIBAN SA is collected on a half-yearly basis, details of which appear in a separate leaflet provided upon request.